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Parent/Guardian Information

Select Sundays, 1-2pm


All Saints with Christ Episcopal Church  | 262 Main Street, Oakville


The Sun, Moon & Stars Art Club is run by artist-in-residence, Ms. Christina Rinaldi, who is a certified pre-k through 12 art teacher. Ms. Rinaldi has taught 5th through 8th grades for 16 years as well as paint classes for adults, kids birthdays and fundraisers.


Art Club is for children on the autism spectrum, ages 7+ that wish to explore their love of art and/or refine their skills. This is not art therapy.  


Art Club students enjoy a 30-minute lesson and will have time for free drawing based on their lesson.    Students are expected to follow instructions. If needed, parents are expected to assist in keeping students on task. All materials and supplies are provided.  


To learn more, email to with subject line: Art Club.    

Art Club Dates

Subject to change without notice.

Jan. 8

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