Sun, Moon & Stars relies on donations to offer subsidized events, activities, and education to families who have children on the Autism Spectrum. We are grateful to all of our wonderful sponsors!

Opportunities to support Sun, Moon & Stars include:

Monetary donations in any amount


Starfish Swim Club

Parent Support Groups

Supper Club 

Special Events (venue, swag bags, etc.)

Monetary sponsorship levels:

Platinum Sponsor – more than $1,000

Gold Sponsor - $501 to $1,000

Silver Sponsor - $251 to $500

Bronze Sponsor - $101 to $250

Friend Sponsor – up to $100

Contact info@sunmoonandstars.org to learn more about becoming a sponsor.  Your name or your organization name or logo will appear on the "SPONSORS" page of sunmoonandstars.org. Sponsorship amount, type, and all other details are negotiable. Simply e-mail us the exact spelling of the sponsor name or provide a high-resolution company logo. To e-mail, or for questions about, display names or logos, contact Abbi Nelson at abbinori@aol.com or 860-712-2857.

Sponsors are listed in alphabetical order.


Donated more than $1,000

625 Beauty Bar

Ms. Lori Bonaldi, CPA

Jim Briglia

Christine, Mark and Domenic Faressa

Grady and Riley, LLP

Jennifer Harding

JRC Transportation

Drew Marine

Dawn's Pizzazz, LLC 

Grand Oak Villa

Frank & Toni Noble

Planning Across The Spectrum

The Smile Spot

Thomaston Savings Bank (Watertown branch)

Tina Pirozzoli Photography 


Donated up to $1,000

Jesse, Chloe, Asa & Leo Langer

Cheryl Ogrisek

The Oldakowski - Frase Family

The Watertown Lions

Donated up to $500

Anthony & Irene Bihl

BTS Graphics

CT Music Therapy

Mary Moff, Cautie Finocchiaro & Leticia Garcia

Barbara Geraldi

Sean, Tracie, Keenan & Grayson Gildea

Glazey Dayz

Jen Gode

Dr. Roger Jou

Ms. Kelly Kropo

The Monteiro Family

Katherine Montoya - By the Blue Sea

Krista Palomba

George & Gloria Tsioflikis



Donated up to $250

Pat Bovat

Cake & Sweets by Emanuela

Denise Delarosa

Dr. Rui DeMelo & Family

Fascia's Chocolate

Deanna Ferriolo

Sarah Geragotalis

Jack McHugh, DPM

Steve, Abbi & Heidi Nelson

Oakville Home Improvement

John, Stacey, Brandon, & Brooke Salvietti

The Saucier Family

Kenneth Schoppman

Mrs. Sue Semeraro

The Szwaba Family

Kathy Griswold, Sarah Swiatek, Amy Inzero & Jenn Stafford


Donated up to $100

Robert and Lisa Baker

Ms. Rochelle Barnes

Mr. Josh Bell

Sue Bernacki

Katie Biga

The Bouchard Family

The Brouillette Family

Doug & Leona Burdick

Ms. Hilda Calas

The Cavallo Family

Mary & Rich Christopher 

Mrs. Michelle Ciarelli

Debbie Cignoli

Deborah Cochran

Monica Conway

The Crotty Family

Yury Cruz

Ms. Christine Davis & Family

Mr. Joseph DeFeo

Rui Demelo

Liz Dennison

Jessica DiSapio

The Elliott Family

Lynn Ferraro

The Fortin Family

Mrs. Vera Flynn

Hillary Gagnon

Mr. George Gray

JW Advocates

Tammy Knight

Stacey Lallier

Ms. Kellie Lambert

The Lemmond Family

Jodi Lillis

The Lungarini Family

Mrs. Dawn Mastronardi

Kathy Lynn Matthews

Mrs. Theresa Migaldi

Angie Miller

Irene Myshrall

Nutmeg Soapworks

The Om Center

Dr. Archit Patel & Family

Dori Pinkerton

Mrs. Sheree Rinaldi

The Rubbo Family

The Rybczyk Family

Mr. Brian Salvietti

Nella Sarrapolhiello

The Schneider Family

Dr. Randolph Sealey

Christine & Charles Senich

Jill Simpson

Mrs. Sarah Swiatek

Lois & Jay Sullivan

Richard & Joanne Sullivan

The Tanner Family

Joe, Mindi, Anthony & Domenic Tarulli

Joanne Taylor

Gabe, Heather, Finn, Boden & Cooper Thaisz

Mario, Stephanie & Rocco Varrone

Mrs. Claudia Vaudreuil

The Villanueva Family

Cheryl White

White Barn Baking Company

Wilby High School Alumni Association

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Sun, Moon & Stars organizes community events and partners with local establishments to provide its member-families with a judgment-free and supportive environment. Sun, Moon & Stars does not provide therapeutic services or behavioral support at any such event. Each of our children has unique abilities and/or limitations and it is therefore critical that you are prepared to accommodate your child’s individual needs during a Sun, Moon & Stars activity or outing. We welcome you to invite additional family members or your behavioral therapist to accompany and assist you with making you and your child’s experience at a Sun, Moon & Stars event successful. Our goal is to provide a safe and comfortable atmosphere for all.

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