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At Sun, Moon & Stars, the goal is to include ALL children in events and activities, but we understand that not every child thrives in a group activity setting.


Please complete this questionnaire to help us determine whether the activity is appropriate for the child (participant). It is our mission to include as many children as possible while maintaining a safe and fun environment for ALL participants as well as facilitators.

Activity Questionnaire & Parent/Guardian Information

Please read the information on this page. Submission of the questionnaire is required.

Terms & Conditions

24-hour notice for cancellations is required. In cases of emergency, we understand that shorter notice may be given, but it is imperative to communicate.

Three (3) cancellations in a row may result in a child being moved back to the wait list.

Adult behavior techs or BCBA's as 1:1 "buddies" are welcome, if necessary. Sun, Moon & Stars reserves the right to assist in making this determination. In the absence of BCBA support, parents are required to assist their children during the activity. 


Please note:

Sun, Moon & Stars, Inc. will not provide BCBA or behavior tech support.

The Watertown Stars will not provide BCBA or behavior tech support.

Watertown Parks & Recreation will not provide BCBA or behavior tech support. 

The Town of Watertown will not provide BCBA or behavior tech support.


Children and siblings must be supervised at all times. 

Activity Questionnaire - Required
Has your child successfully participated in group activities?
If your child has NOT successfully participated in a group activity, what was the primary concern?
Will behavior tech or BCBA support be needed during the activity?
I accept the Terms & Conditions

Thanks for submitting!

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