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Make a tax-deductible donation

Sun, Moon & Stars appreciates any and all donations with much gratitude! Donations may be made in cash, with a check or by credit card. 


To donate cash, e-mail or use the "Send us a message" field on this page. Please provide your name, the name of your organization, if applicable, the amount to be donated, and the best date and time to transfer the funds.  


Please mail personal, business, and bank checks, or money orders, made out to

Sun, Moon & Stars, Inc. to Sun, Moon & Stars, PO Box 563, Watertown CT 06795.

Online donations are accepted using Venmo or a credit card (on Neon).

  • Scan the Venmo QR code below to access the Sun, Moon & Stars Venmo handle.

  • Scan the big QR code to access the Sun, Moon & Stars credit card donation page (on Neon).

SMS Venmo QR Code.png
SMS QR code - web site.png
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