June 29-30

Business proprietors receive signs to exhibit and kick off crawl


June 30

Check presentation to Watertown Board of Education

July 1

Month-long awareness campaign and social media crawl kicks off


A video by WHS student, Beck Curtis

Project Puzzle Piece is an amazing opportunity for the Water-Oak community to come together and support our autistic community members and their families!



Sign Sponsors

American Legion Post #195

Behavioral Consulting Associates, LLC


BTS Graphics & Printing

Cakes & Sweets by Emanuela


Clauss Orthodontics

Connecticut Music Therapy Services, LLC

D'Amico Agency, Inc.

Drew Edward's Jewelers

Dr. McHugh and Associates PC

G's Burgers

Gayle's Depot Square Farm Shoppe

Glazey Dayz

Grand Oak Villa

Infinite Heroes Comic Book Shop

Move It, Clean It, Clear It, LLC

Nonna Lucia's Restaurant

Oakville Home Improvements, LLC

Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Centers

S & G Pet Care and Small Engine Repair

Salon Fasano

SmokeEasy Cigar Parlor

Steel Beach Gym

Uncommon Grill

Watertown Auto and Truck Parts, NAPA

Watertown High School

Watertown Lions Club - Connecticut

Watertown Little People Child Care and Learning Center

West View Properties, LLC

White Barn Baking Company

Materials Sponsors

ABC Supply 

Chapman Lumber

Rob & Lisa Baker 

Student Volunteers

Evan Arnold

Makayla Beauty

AnnMarie Bruzinski

Hayli Bunde

Rhiannon Bulwidas

Mason Cammilletti

Courtney Candee

Beck Curtis

Ashley Czujak

Vin Gambucci

Josh Garceau

Alix Knight

Fiora Lena

Natalie Lindstrom

Morgan Lynn

Megan Maguire

D’Ana Morales

Skyla Nordy

Klea Omeri

Irene Pham

Jenna Rizk

Savanna Solla

Tara Swanson

Jessica Stango


Mr. Campbell’s Marketing students 

The community can support Project Puzzle Piece!


For $10 each, (cash or check made to "Sun, Moon & Stars"), Water/Oak families may purchase lawn signs featuring the Project Puzzle Piece logo.


Lawn signs are available for purchase at the Watertown Park & Rec office located at 61 Echo Lake Road.


Water/Oak businesses purchased hand-painted 40”x45” wooden signs in the shape of a puzzle piece for $100 each. The signs will be displayed in, or in front of, their business locations. Some signs will be displayed on the Oakville Green. By taking a selfie and posting your pic to #PPPsocialmediacrawl, you'll help drive traffic and awareness.


Students and advisors volunteered at an after school painting party to bring  Project Puzzle Piece to life! In January, the art students will begin designing the custom graphics for each board.


All of the boards will be displayed at a Watertown High School  exhibit officially launching Autism Awareness Month.

Watertown High School capstone student, Evan Arnold, cuts a wooden sign for his role in support of Project Puzzle Piece, a collaboration with Sun, Moon & Stars, Inc. The project is an opportunity for businesses to help spread awareness and raise funds for the Watertown Unified Sports spring 2020 season. 


In 2018, the CDC determined that approximately 1 in 59 children is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD).[1]

  • 1 in 37 boys 

  • 1 in 151 girls 


Boys are four times more likely to be diagnosed with autism than girls.  


Autism affects all ethnic and socioeconomic groups. 


Based on these statistics, you will likely have a loved one, friend, classmate, neighbor, or co-worker with autism at some point in your life. 

Unified Sports Logo.jpg


Unified Sports is a Special Olympics program that offers students with and without disabilities to socialize, build friendships and tackle challenges all while participating in a sport. As Wendy Ross, a developmental and behavioral-health pediatrician and founder of the non-profit Autism Inclusion Resources, explains “Autism is a social disability, it needs to be addressed in a social setting.”[2] Recreation is important in promoting inclusion and quality of life. Participation in Unified Sports programs also helps improve general skills that can be applied in settings like school and work. Research has shown autistic athletes benefit from increased self-esteem and improved overall physical and mental health.[3]

The Unified Sports team is made up of both Athletes and Helpers. In keeping with the goals of Special Olympics, helper students will participate in activities with their assigned athletes, facilitate activities, take on team leadership roles and assist the coaches at practices and games. Watertown Public Schools reintroduced a Unified Sports program for middle and high school students last school year. The “comeback” of the Unified Sports program involved separate basketball practices at the middle school and the high school as well as two basketball game events with combined membership of the high school and middle school teams. A myriad of adult volunteers and Watertown Public Schools employees offered their time and ideas to support the success of the Unified Sports Program.

The vision for its second year is to expand to two seasons of sports: basketball (winter) and track and field (spring). In order to move forward with adding an additional sport, equipment and uniforms will need to be purchased. A stretch goal of Project Puzzle Piece would be to attend or host a nearby school district Unified Sports team to participate in an intermural game. The costs associated would include bussing to the nearby school district or, if hosting, the snacks and refreshments to welcome and celebrate our players and their families.

As Wendy Ross, a developmental and behavioral-health pediatrician and founder of the non-profit Autism Inclusion Resources, explains “Autism is a social disability, it needs to be addressed in a social setting.”[4] Participation in Unified Sports programs also helps improve general skills that can be applied in settings like school and work. Research has shown autistic athletes benefit from increased self-esteem and improved overall physical and mental health.[5] To learn more about Unified Sports, visit playunified.org.


Project Puzzle Piece is coordinated by Sun, Moon & Stars, Inc. and Watertown Public Schools. Watertown High School seniors must complete a 60-hour capstone project as a graduation requirement. A number of Watertown High School capstone student volunteers will play a role in making Project Puzzle Piece a success. From designing the puzzle piece template to cutting, sanding, and painting each puzzle piece to designing marketing materials, students are getting real-world experience and fulfilling the requirements of the capstone project through their active participation in Project Puizzle Piece. 

Throughout the project, follow check back to this website and follow our social media for updates! 



April is World Autism Awareness Month. This internationally-celebrated global event focuses on increasing global understanding and acceptance of people with autism. Project Puzzle Piece will culminate in April 2020 with a formal unveiling of business-sponsored puzzle pieces. On the evening of April 1st, community members are invited to attend a gallery walk of the puzzle pieces at Watertown High School. For the remainder of the month, puzzle pieces will be displayed in front of businesses around town. Community members are encouraged to visit each business during the month of April.

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